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mudvayne (cover a Police) – king of pain (lyrics)

This is 4 u I love u my love!!
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“We Love You!” by Byron Cage featuring J-Moss. Ministered in mime by my daughter Armani( black hat in middle), Dillian( red hat on right), and (me)Kenyetta (red hat on the left. God is good! Armani and Dillian powered by the Holy Spirit Orchestrated this dance after to rehearsals. Praise God!!! We love you Lord, we love YOU!
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Incubus “Promises, Promises” Cover – by Morgan and Kyle Wright

Our rendition and contest entry of “Promises, Promises” , an Incubus original. Performed by the Wright brothers, Morgan (left) and Kyle (right….. hahaha?) View it! Like it!! Share it!!! LYRICS: I’m only 23 for another hour, give or take I’m a fan of yours and I need a good mistake I’m not a sinner or preacher, all I have is slight of hand I do magic tricks for all the boys in the band Baby could I be the rabbit in your hat? I’d swing if you’d hand me, hand me the bat I’m on the road of least resistance I’d rather give up than give in to this So promise me only one thing, would you? Just don’t ever make me promises No promises I’ve never done this before, promises, promises But I’m enjoying the illusion and the things my body says Now you see me, now you don’t, oh how well you disappear What are you running from and may I interfere? Baby could I be the rabbit in your hat? I’d swing if you’d hand me, hand me the bat I’m on the road of least resistance I’d rather give up than give in to this So promise me only one thing, would you? Just don’t ever make me promises No promises

On 10/5/1984, the identical wrestlers “The Strong Machine (TSM) No.1&2” fought with The Cobra and Kantaro Hoshino at Koshiigaya, Japan.(NJPW). The crazy TSMs’Manager Wakamatsu worn blue suit, black hat and sunglasses then led them! He usually had worn white costume, so this is very unusual, must to see! Also one of TSMs’ superior “Concorde (no hands touch) High Fly diving” over the top rope and “Rolling Sole kick in the air” from the Top of the corner post, are super! Enjoy!!
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‘man in the long black coat’ cover

dylan/joan osborne man in the long black coat…. hat of course since its written by dylan…

nelly furtado manos al aire cover


How darts are made.
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Me singing “She Ain’t You” by Chris Brown – cover by Brandon Evans

“She Ain’t You” Chris Brown cover – Brandon Evans with official lyrics. Hey people, it’s Me singing “She Ain’t You” by Chris Brown! Love this song off his new album, “FAME”! I can’t wait for the official music video. Chris Brown – “She Ain’t You” (Lyrics): She A-Aint She Aint…
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sweet dreams beyonce cover

hello! we record this song a few days ago and we want to share it with you…here you can see some pictures of us! We just want to say THANK U to all the people that listen enjoy and comment our videos and of course to those taht subscribe to our channel and believe in us! we really appreciated! hope you like this song! BlackHatLadies from Spain!
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Visita el blog de Google para webmasters en — [Alvar] Me hacen esta pregunta muchas veces. Los SEOs dicen, “Entonces, ¿es cualquier tipo de SEO spam?” [Matt] Cierto, es una muy buena pregunta, y una que oigo a menudo. Tiene gracia porque a veces estoy formando a nuevos ingenieros de Google, y digo: “Bueno, como se dice cuando la gente intenta que su sitio salga más arriba?” Y a veces hay algún ingeniero que dice: “Oh, eso es black hat”. Y yo digo: “No, no, eso no es black hat”. SEO no es spam. SEO no es black hat. Si miras al mundo SEO, hay muchas cosas que siguen las directrices de Google que llamamos “white hat”. White hat básicamente quiere decir buena promoción. ¿Sabes? El tipo de cosas como ofrecer una fuente gratuita, o buenas referencias, para que la gente quiera enlazarte, eso es fantástico. Quieres que se empiece a pasar la voz, o una promoción viral donde la gente diga: “Oh, esto es genial. Voy a decírselo a mis amigos”. También hay spam, ¿sabes? texto escondido, cloaking, que es mostrar contenido diferente a los usuarios ya los motores de búsqueda. Páginas puerta, donde haces mil páginas iguales sólo cambiando una frase, redirecciones engañosas, se puede usar JavaScript para hacer cosas. Puedes poner spam en los libros de visitas. Hay cosas malas que puedes hacer. Pero en la mayoría de los casos te preguntas si eso es bueno para los usuarios, o es algo más bien engañoso. ¿Es el tipo de truco a corto plazo con el que espero
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Black Hat – Hold the line (Toto cover)

Trupa Black Hat Hold the line la Festivalul Florian Pittis 2009

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